A 'buy what you need' I.T. ecosystem of:
Network Management | Cloud | VDI | Connectivity | DIA | Peering
We offer LibreNMS options
Install | Support | Hosting
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Although we're focused on the main offerings below, let St. Paul come "consult without the consulting fees" to see if your network is as streamlined and efficient as possible - while staying on budget.

Network Management

Hosted | On-Premise | Hybrid Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

A cost effective 'solar winds' type replacement using open source software and custom scripting to give you visibility into your network and keep everything up to date - autonomously.

Stay in sync across IT teams, give cross-functional visibility into infrastructure, avoid manual inefficiencies and errors, while only paying for what you need.

Custom scripts available for:

DCIM | IMS | DNS | IPAM | VLAN | more...

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Primary | Backup Hosting

Server Application | Virtual Desktop

Hosting, your way - with customization to fit your budget.

Need to have a consistent experience accessing your company's network?  From the lacrosse field?  Gymnastics practice? The beach?

Accomplish that, and more, with DACS-Cloud.


Secure access to your network via anyway and anywhere you want to work (with an internet connection). 

Focused on security, and how you access with VPN solutions:

Firewall-based Site-to-Site | Hardware-based | Software-based (Cisco AnyConnect) | Browser-based clientless






Multi-Site Connectivity | DIA

Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Primary or Redundant

Have multiple offices?  Remote workers who need secure access to corporate networks?

St. Paul's experience and longstanding partnerships with tier 1 and 2 providers delivers business efficiency and greater reach.


Multiple circuits/carriers? We coordinate to get you clear answers.

Nationwide network with private line backhaul for lower latency between ingress/egress points.  Exclusive or multi-homed solutions


Add peering to your traffic methodology natively.











Internet Exchange | Peering

Public Peering | Private Peering | Interexchange Peering | Direct Internet via IX P.a.a.S.

What is peering?

Decrease costs -> use less transit

Increase security -> keep traffic off traditional internet | less hand-offs

Increase efficiency -> more route control

Increase network performance -> less hops

Reduce latency -> keep traffic local

P.a.a.S. available (no ASN or prior knowledge needed)










DACS-Tele is like a WarRoom-in-a-box:

A totally new solution for when your business need secure access in a non-traditional office environment.  Completely customizable hardware solution for secure mobile temporary-office buildouts.  All you need is a wired internet connection or LTE signal and your team has all the office necessities where they need to work, securely.  We're working with a satellite internet provider for underserved areas, contact us to see if there is support for your rural/underconnected area.

Use cases in: Tele-health | Construction | Professional Sports | Legal Firms | Trade Shows | More...


Customized Network Solutions:

Reduce IT costs and increase productivity by letting SPG design and build a complete a state-of-the-art network from the ground up or update your existing ecosystem encompassing multi-site connectivity, direct internet access, and data center service solutions.

We're adding one additional full-time consulting customer in 2021.  Contact us if we can help you.

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