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COVID-19 Response Initiatives

We want to thank all of the health care and provider staff and volunteers that are playing vital roles in treating this COVID-19 pandemic.  Words cannot convey our admiration and appreciation for all that you have done and continue to do.

At The St. Paul Group, we understand we have a role in this as well.  For over 50 years we have helped the health care industry with data and connectivity, and we want you to know what is available to ALL businesses and hospitals, so we can get through this together.

Free access to Snapshot Outpatient for 30 days

Web based, accessible from anywhere

  • Trending and Reports can assist with:

    • Resource allocation​ (including physician reports with Taxonomy codes included)

    • Lost or diverted revenue for a variety of reasons including by not limited to postponed elective surgeries, additional safety precautions taken by staff that increases service time/prep/clean up

    • New directives and infomatics to maximize efficiency and safety for all clinicians.  

    • Traditional O.P. analytics

    • Current HSCRC/Governmental data requests and requirements

Free ‘hosted’ add-on to existing Snapshot Inpatient users

remote access (home) to complete vital IP data analysis

  • Any new Snapshot Inpatient licenses will receive this free ‘hosted’ add-on until traditional work resumes

  • *Limit one ‘hosted’ add-on per provider, and discounted additional licenses

Free Internet Exchange ports (peering) to our DACS-IX network  

Locations in Baltimore, Orlando, NYC, Virginia.

  • Connect directly and securely to carriers/collaborative platforms (Zoom, WebEx, ​Salesforce, Dropbox, Equinix, LinkedIn, etc...)

  • Increase efficiency and reduce latency

  • increase security by directly connection to another enterprise via VLAN

Free online (social distancing approved) network/connectivity consultations

how it can operate more efficiently either temporarily, or permanently (with connectivity options). 

  • What we’ve done with other clients recently (and can be turned up in days – not weeks) has included:

    • Increasing the size of their internet pipe.

    • Providing a secondary pipe of internet (the internet is how remote work is possible)

    • Providing managed remote VPN services for additional teleworkers with backhaul directly into your environment

    • Offsite redundant servers utilizing private server farms and storage clouds.

    • Peering to critical vendors such as AWS, Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, WebEx Cloud and Zoom.

    • Transport to Internet Exchanges including Equinix Ashburn, Coresite Any2, NYIIX, Digital Realty Atlanta and New York

    • Ports on Baltimore’s only Internet Exchange platform that has taken off since full launch early this year.

Please connect with us on LinkedIn for updates, as we will continue to monitor this situation.

We're here with you to provide solutions to current needs.  Please reach out and we will find a way to get you what you need, how you need it.

Thank you, and wash your hands,


SPG Team.

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