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Maryland's largest network Exchange; St. Paul's Dynamic Access and Cross-Connect System - Network Exchange: DACS-NX.


Next generation peering with DACS-NX can accomplish a multitude of business IT and connectivity needs, St. Paul’s DACS-NX is a next generation peering solution in an exchange environment to facilitate public or private secure connections.


Reduce OPEX, lower transit costs, increase traffic security, reduce network latency, connect to a desired networking endpoint, securely connect multiple sites, provide direct internet, and more with 4 distinctly different offerings under one technology.

  • Public Peering

  • BYOAS# (bring your own AS#)

  • St. Paul supplied port and IP

  • Advertise on PeeringDB

  • Private Peering

  • Intra/Inter-LATA

  • Open VLAN for two specific clients

  • Facilitate “Elite Multi-Site Connectivity”

  • Enhance Security

  • Interexchange Peering

  • St. Paul facilitates connection to another exchange if that exchange is closed

  • Access to “closed” IXs

  • Expand your footprint, without the hassle

  • Peering as a Service (P.a.a.S.)

    • No experience required​

    • We'll take care of everything

  • Direct Internet

  • Provide internet access

  • Primary or redundant

To Learn more or request access for public peering, click the link to visit: DACS-IX 

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