Hosting, your way - with as much customization or as little as you want to pay for.  Automatically join DACS-IX (P.a.a.S.) and get all the benefits of peering with industry leaders.

Avoid 'data-egress' fees like you have with the 'big guys'.

Secure access to you network and data therein.  Accessible via anyway (end point device - tablet, phone, PC, MAC, etc…), and anywhere you want to work (with an internet connection). 


Control costs within your organization by embracing BYOD options, without losing security


Our hosting options include private or hybrid cloud, primary or redundant solutions.  Hosting Centers located in Balt, DC, NOVA, FL, NY, Vegas, Palo Alto (coming soon); with expansion plans where-ever you need.


Access your data securely in a variety of ways including

  • Firewall based site-to-site VPN

  • Hardware-based VPN (DMVPN)

    • Small/Medium/Large hardware options

    • Warroom

  • Software-based VPN (Cisco anywhere, etc…)

  • Browser based clientless VPN

    • Client branded splash page/portal

  • Main DIA to your hosting including security management

  • Network management hosting available

    • SPG Vista Platform

      • Utilizing custom autonomous scripts to stay in sync using open source software

        • LibreNMS

        • NetBox

  • Password reset portal options available

  • Email hosting available

  • Secure file transfer options available (also available as standalone option)

    • Client branded

  • VDI

    • Cost control on assets

      • BYOD

      • Less reliance on newest or most powerful end user devices

    • Access from anywhere

    • More secure

      • Can control what networks devices can connect to while on client network

        • Ex.: Can't connect to 'google' when connected to company network

    • Tablet/Phone access available