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There is no cloud, only someone else's computer...  We'd love to be that someone for you!

Our hosting philosophy starts at the connection layer and works up the stack rather than starting at the top of the stack and thinking that the way back down is a figurative one size fits all model.  


While we certainly can offer a hosted product as an internet-only offering, we can also offer a fully hosted network for any number of applications and services and mesh them to your own environment using private content delivery best suited for your needs.  


These could include but are not limited to private connected circuits, a connection to one of our Internetworking Exchange sites, site-to-site VPN tunnels, clientless browser-based VPNs, or our Meraki-like dynamic secure WAN technology.  


Being that we don’t believe that one size fits all, we can offer access to any hosted application or service using a mix of any of the above.


We have three geographically dispersed hosting centers on the east coast.  These centers are completely privately equipped.  We host on our own servers, using our own storage across our own maintained network.  We do not buy server space or time from AWS, or storage from Google or Azure.  You can pick the center or center(s) your data is hosted and where it's backed up.  


The reality is it's your data, and you should be in control of it.


Our hosting options include private or hybrid cloud, and primary or redundant solutions.  Hosting Centers located in Balt, DC, NOVA, FL, NY, Vegas, Palo Alto (coming soon); with expansion plans wherever you need.


Access your data securely in a variety of ways including

  • Firewall based site-to-site VPN

  • Hardware-based VPN (DMVPN)

    • Small/Medium/Large hardware options

    • Warroom

  • Software-based VPN (Cisco anywhere, etc…)

  • Browser based clientless VPN

    • Client branded splash page/portal

  • Main DIA to your hosting including security management

  • Network management hosting available

    • SPG Vista Platform

      • Utilizing custom autonomous scripts to stay in sync using open source software

        • LibreNMS

        • NetBox

  • Password reset portal options available

  • Email hosting available

  • Secure file transfer options available (also available as standalone option)

    • Client branded

  • VDI

    • Cost control on assets

      • BYOD

      • Less reliance on newest or most powerful end user devices

    • Access from anywhere

    • More secure

      • Can control what networks devices can connect to while on client network

        • Ex.: Can't connect to 'google' when connected to company network

    • Tablet/Phone access available

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