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Maryland hospital data reporting platform for:
IP | OP | PPC | Custom reports and deliverables

We've been doing MD hospital data for over 50 years. 

Trust us to help you increase your data team's workflow efficiency.

S.a.a.S. Cloud-Based data platform:

Integrated Snapshot


Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Sign into iSS anywhere with an connected browser


Finance | Strategy | Planning | Executive | Learning and Development | More...

Administrator owned user permissions

Unlimited users included with license


Customized how your team works, included

Canned reports are always available, need more customization?  Just reach out, no extra fees.

Custom reports and deliverables are included with your license

Examples from other hospitals:

Physician scorecards (with full names/NPI#)

CMS pricing transparency deliverables

Grant reporting deliverables 

Our data ingestion engine can handle non case-mix tapes too! (freestanding clinics/physicians office)


We're secure in our platform, so you can be with your data

HIPAA Secure portal access and dedicated client SQL database

SQL Back-end server for optimal performance

See it in action

Full video tutorial as well as 'snippets' for commonly used features/reports



click through for high-level snippets

Click for .pdf

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Interested in this functionality for a non-Hospital setting? 

Our ingestion engine can turn any raw data into usable reports.  Contact us today!

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