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Network Monitoring, for everyone.


Let St. Paul's expertise in LibreNMS install, support, and hosting take the lead for your IT team.  

Feel confident in our ability to take on these tasks, as consumers of this platform in house, as well as our partnership in hosting LibreNMS' official demo site.

Transparent Pricing:

Remote Installation on your server:

$1,000 one time fee for a one-day install*

*with SNMP enabled on network devices

Remote Support:

$500 per month

3 hours AND 1 hour 'drop-in' web meeting each month

$250 per month

1 hour 'drop-in' web meeting each month


Varies depending on environment size

Examples of base pricing:

100 devices on a low latency network:

Minimum - $100/mo

8 cores


120GB storage space.

Preferred - $250/mo

8 cores with hyperthreading @ =/>2.0GHz

24GB of memory

500GB Storage



Stack DACS-Vista functionality on top of a LibreNMS install for even greater control and reporting!

Connectivity with our DACS-IX Internet Exchange

  • Custom Scripted Utilities / Reporting

    • Automated DNS entries based on cisco device and interface names

    • Automated Cisco interface descriptions based on CDP neighbors

    • Automated Cisco CDP Neighbor reports

    • Automated VLAN / Virtual Circuit Report

    • More... request a demo above!

LibreNMS Demo Dashboard
LibreNMS demo Devices
LibreNMS Demo Storage
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