Maryland Hospital Data

St. Paul has been in the Maryland hospital data industry since the early 1970's.

In addition to being the state's sole data processor for 37+ years, St. Paul has helped to create medical groupers and methodologies, parts of which are still used today!

We have Maryland statewide research data available for use (along with an approved Data Use Agreement (DUA)).

We can help with the DUA approval, and provide you the stats and data you need in whatever format or layout you request.

See below for clear and transparent baseline pricing.  Data can be customized or formatted however you'd like.

Just need statistical data elements and not an entire data set?  Contact us with the quote link below and see how cost-efficient it can be when you're looking for specifics!

Data Sets Only:

  • $2,450 per year research data, ungrouped (Inpatient)

  • $4,450 per year research data, ungrouped (Outpatient)

  • $6,100 per year research data, ungrouped (IP and OP)


Price for grouped data:

  • $22,000/year (IP and OP grouped)

  • IP: $2,349/quarter ($9, 396/yr)

  • OP: $3,345/quarter ($13,380/yr)

Contact us for a quote today!

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