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why we do it

A little about our firm.  We have been around for over 50+ years.  For the last 30 or more years we have developed custom healthcare statistical applications (Snapshot and MarketShare Analyst) served via a completely private network of point-to-point circuits as well as secure internet-based.


Our connectivity side of the house was born from these stringent network-based needs and has turned from a once very local ISP and Network Exchange to a nationwide network of POPs that services small to medium size enterprises most specifically in the legal and healthcare space.

We have three geographically dispersed hosting centers on the east coast.  It's worth mentioning that these centers are completely privately equipped.  We host on our own servers, using our own storage across our own maintained network.  We do not buy server space or time from AWS, or storage from Google or Azure.  You can pick the center or center(s) your data is hosted and where it's backed up.  The reality is it's your data, and you should be in control of it - This is also why we build our platforms using open-source applications (learn more here).

As you can see our website isn't an online store with a credit card checkout.  We believe as a firm that oftentimes storefronts for technology products and services tend to help the 10% of folks with very simple needs, and the 10% of folks that know exactly what they want and how to get it.  Yet, they tend to alienate the 80% in the middle.   We also have found over our years of experience that oftentimes "package vendors" offer a couple of levels of their product.  Invariably, you always need one feature from the "enterprise" level offering that also includes a host of features that you pay for but don't need or want.  


Our culture tends to build relationships, get to know our client's needs, understand their pain points, and build a package that makes sense, without offering anything that doesn't.

"We live for moments like this" archive

Case studies that give some more explanation about our "why".

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