War Room In a Box

When your firm needs the security and reliability of a traditional office but in a remote location, St. Paul now proudly offers a customized solution.


WarRoom-in-a-Box serves as a fully customizable, portable connectivity solution in a variety of environments.  Wired or wireless, set up is as easy as “plugging into an ethernet port” or “utilizing the latest cellular technology” to reach the internet.  Once the internet can be reached, your customized gear can offer a variety of industry-agnostic solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Secure workstation access

  • VM

  • VOIP

  • Document management

  • Secure remote hybrid cloud/physical access


Reduce traditional hardware expenditure by utilizing a scalable temporary secure connectivity solution focused on individual industry needs.

Use Cases:

- Health care: Telemedicine | Remote monitoring

- Sports: eGaming | Pro and amateur Traveling Scouts and team associates

- Construction: Site Trailers | Connected sites

- Professional Services:  Temporary office connectivity

- Trade Shows: network access and file repository on floor 

- ...Whatever else you need!