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Why Open-Source?

You may be asking yourself why build on open-source software?


That answer is simple.  Where many companies invest heavily in expensive software products, as a small firm we made the decision to invest the R&D time into making open-source products work as well as costly commercially available products without the exorbitant per-user license costs.  


If you care about data sovereignty, open-source is the way to go.  You can see the entire code, to make sure that there are no terms that include selling your data.  Stack peering connectivity with our DACS-IX, and never advertise your data to the world wide web.

We decided not long ago to offer our experience and expertise to many of these network management and business continuity products and help other firms with enterprise needs without enterprise budgets.  

We are official partners of:


We have a full host of open and community-supported services and applications that we can offer, hosted or on-prem:


  1. LibreNMS for network monitoring and altering.  

  2. Oxidized and/or Rancid for network configuration management. 

  3. Git for version and change control management.

  4. Ansible, system and network automation engine.

  5. Zentyal for open-source active directory. 

  6. NextCloud for online file sharing, content and collaboration publishing.

  7. Greylog for centralized syslog database including search and normalization.

  8. PowerDNS and BIND for DNS management.

  9. OpenTicket for support and trouble management.

  10. OpenProject for project and task management

  11. OrangeHRM for employee and HR management.

And we're adding more all the time.

Contact us to learn more.

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