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Marketshare is one of the flagship proprietary software products brought to you by St. Paul which helps your hospital make better informed business decisions using summary level reports from raw case mix data files, both inpatient and outpatient.


With summary level reports and the ability to “slice and dice” both inpatient and outpatient data, your hospital can make better informed business decisions.  Comparisons against a specific hospital or multiple hospitals (including licensee) can be made against many data elements including, but not limited to; rate centers, APR DRG product lines, etc…. 


MarketShare (MSA) has web-based access to five years of discharge data from all Maryland hospitals and can be viewed as summary level reports with APRs and Federal DRGs.

St. Paul customers can select any data in the discharge record and format it to compare MarketShare with that of any individual or group of hospitals. For example, our clients can look at a specific DRG or procedure by zip and payer for our clients, compared to that of the competition.


Access to self-selected data can assist our customers in targeting specific diseases and patients, or to identify potential markets.  When recruiting and hiring specialists, this information can help our customers determine appropriate levels of investment.  If a client’s market share is declining, analysis from MSA can help determine where it went.


The system is maintained by The St. Paul Group staff, who are experts in handling Maryland hospital discharge data.  Current data is provided every three months.

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