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PPC Custom Anaylsis

Is your hospital looking for a cost effective PPC custom analytics solution?

Look no further.

With 50 years of Maryland Hospital data experience, St. Paul is proud to bring this PPC custom analytic deliverable directly to your hospital.

Click Here to request a sample masked deliverable to be sent to you for review, based upon:

Analysis reports based on PPC grouped data:


  • Common Key:

    • Provider#, MedicalRecord#, PatientAcct#, AdmitDate, DischargeDate.

  • Common data elements and indicators:

    • Age, Hospital Service Line, Attending Physician, Operating Service Line, Operating Physician, LOS, Mort, ED Admit, ICUPT, Transfer In, Admit DRG, Admit SOI, DRG Description, DRG Product Line, Med vs Surg. 


Excel file contains 3 worksheets:

  • Product Line Tab

    • all cases with PPC's (up to six)

    • one row per case

      • logic looking for PPC assigned (status=3) within 2229 - PPC STATUS1 thru PPC STATUS80

      • PPC short description of PPC # based on status position #

  • PPC Tab

    • all from product line by PPC, that is only in MHAC list

    • one row per PPC showing PPC # and PPC [long] Description

  • Monitor Tab

    • everything in Product Line TAB that is not in MHAC list

      • one row per case with PPC short description (up to six)

PPC Custom Analysis (1).png
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