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"We Live For Moments Like This" Archive

So, why do we do the things we do?  Some will say “to make money” or “to keep our jobs” in a humorous kind of way, but truly there is always some type of deeper motivating power that pushes us to keep going and create the realities that we have created over the past number of decades.  Why we do the things we do can be summed up in an easy one line answer.  “We live for moments like this”.  Here are past examples of what we've put on our social channels:

Originally Posted 10/1/2020 - By Matt Tonelson, Manager - Logistics - More of our "why's" - from Matt Tonelson, Manager of Logistics - Just days after I was hired at SPG, I received an email asking if I could “answer any of these questions.” It was a forward from Melanie (Administration Director), a reporter was looking for expert’s opinions from the tech universe regarding the use of SSDs in datacenters. I answered the questions in a response email and Melanie sent it on to the reporter. I do not know if the reporter ever read what I wrote, if it made it into an article, or anything like that. What I do know is that I was now being regarded as “the expert” and had the opportunity to share the knowledge I had gained throughout the years. Sharing that knowledge meant giving someone, who I otherwise would not meet or interact with, some additional tools to make the right decision for their next big datacenter storage project.

We live for moments like this!

Originally Posted 9/24/2020 - By Jen Vogel, Director - Operations - St. Paul recently completed a SOC 2 Type II audit! We live for moments like this!

If you depend on an organization like us—knowing something about SOC 2 Type II is well worth your time.

It is St. Paul’s responsibility to securely store customer data. How do we prove to customers we’re doing that? That’s where a SOC 2 Type II Audit comes in.

Audit? What does that mean? Does it involve the IRS? No. A SOC 2 Type II audit is verification that we are operating with security controls in place—all for securely storing customer data.

There are many reasons to obtain a SOC 2 designation, the main being to ensure that client data is effectively safeguarded. Benefits of earning a SOC 2 Certification also include increased client satisfaction due to a sense of security over confidential information, client retention, growth and a competitive advantage in the market.

The successful completion of this SOC 2 Type II audit serves as confirmation that St. Paul is operating with effective security controls in place that our partners can trust.

We live for moments like this!

Originally Posted 9/17/2020 - By Melanie Hartlove, Director - Admin - St. Paul had an annual golf tournament for many years. We invited employees, clients, friends, and family. It was a great outing, but I didn't realize how amazing it was until we gathered for lunch afterward. In the tradition of golf tournaments, we gathered in the clubhouse for lunch, speeches, prizes, and camaraderie. When it came time for speeches, a gentleman joined the firm's president in front of the group. They acted like they were the best of friends. As this was my first golf tournament, I didn't know who the gentleman was. I found out that he was one of our long standing clients. When those close relationships shine - we live for moments like this.


Originally Posted 9/10/2020 - By John Vogel, Vice-President - We all pull from our past experiences to govern and judge our actions.  When I worked in construction as a subcontractor suppling Kenmore branded appliances to large multi-family construction jobs, we were asked a simple question in a sales meeting; "what does an end user care about in regards to a dishwasher?"  Many hands immediately shot up, some seasoned veterans of the industry, some greener than an Irish countryside.  Most of the answers all stemmed or were based upon "quietness" or "ability to hold regular volume conversations in the kitchen when the dishwasher is running". 


Much to everyone's chagrin, the answer, which should have been simple enough at face value, was "it needs to get my dishes clean".


Just like our development of Snapshot Outpatient; we can surmise, approximate, or straight up guess at what the industry needs out of an outpatient product, but until we get feedback from actual day-to-day users - we're all guessing that they need their "dishwashers to be quiet". 


That's why, when we showed off our SSOP (Snapshot Outpatient) platform to one of our hospital partners, we we're encouraged that they're comments were - "this is great, we've been looking for a product like this."… BUT when they followed that up with" we'd love to see a revenue line item analysis that can show us any charges with no CPT code attached." - and it was implemented within 2 weeks?  We live for moments like this.

Originally Posted 9/3/2020 - By John Hartlove, President -  Everyone has at least one time in their that they can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when a particular event happened.   Years back, people could tell you how they learned of President Kennedy’s assassination, or the Challenger Explosion.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a tragic event however, you may have the same type memory of when the Ravens won their first Super Bowl, or when the Capitals won the first Stanley Cup.


COVID-19 wasn’t that type of “flash in time” of event, but it has clear left an indelible mark in our history.  As shut downs began to happen rapidly, our clients called out to us with requests for extra services to ensure business continuity as office work transitioned to work from home.  In some cases, the amount of extra requests put a strain on the network that was in place.  In the days leading up to shutdown instead of doing our best to “fill orders” we took the time to analyze the effects of these new services, and with them performed major upgrades to customer facilities to not only for the current demand but also to allow for additional customer demand without the need to send our techs into the field and risk health and safety.

Thinking an extra step ahead of the game...we live for moments like this.

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